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Kilpisjärven Tunturimajat

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Tunturimajat is a quiet and comfortable place to stay.
Many have visited and fallen in love with the Lapland scenery. Kilpisjärvi, however, is a world of its own. Situated in the left arm of Finland, on the border of three countries, is a unique milieu. A long road of 15 kilometres passes through the amazing coastal landscapes of Ala-Kilpisjärvi and Kilpisjärvi.  There is a large fjeld area in the arm of Finland, where all of Finland's peaks of over 1000 metres can be found.  Of these, the best known are Finland's highest fjelds, Halti (1323 m) and Saana (1029m), which is situated right next to Kilpisjärvi.


-a dream location on the fjeld


In the centre of Kilpisjärvi's village, in among the scenery of Saana, is Tunturimajat, which is an ensemble of three 1 1/2 storey semi-detached houses built in 2005. The apartments are of a very high standard. They all have a living room and a Saana views from the terrace. Even the sauna overlooks the fjeld.
A glimpse of Kilpisjärvi's shimmering water can be seen from the upstair's roof window. Kilpisjärvi's Tunturimajat is situated about 20 metres higher than the road, at a construction spot that is one of the highest in the entire region. Between Saana and the Tunturimajat cottages there is nothing but downy birches that are typical to the Kilpisjärvi scenery, and which creates a wild atmosphere in the region.
We are also an excellent solution for companies' accommodation needs that are larger than usual when, for example, both ends of the semi-detached house want to be rented.
We warmly welcome you.


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Kilpisjarven Tunturimajat